For media requests, please contact Phelps Media Group. Media credentials are required for on-site access and coverage. By applying for and accepting a media credential, you agree that they pass will be used for media purposes only.

Phelps Media Group
561.753.3389 office

Lenore Phillips

Allyson Lagiovine
540. 850.9277 mobile



Traverse City Horse Shows is proud to partner with Andrew Ryback Photography as our exclusive Official Show Photographer. Exhibitors can view their photos on-site or online at Photo requests for media/editorial purposes should contact Allyson at Phelps Media.

Traverse City Horse Shows requires all freelance photographers to apply for a Freelance Photographer Pass, separate from a media credential, if they plan to give or sell their photos for exhibitor/competitor use.

By applying for the Freelance Photographer Credential, you agree to abide by these rules; credentials may be revoked without refund if rules are violated. A limited number of freelance photographer credentials are available and are subject to management approval.