Cecotto’s Joker and Jill Brewer Capture Great Lakes Golf Cars Low Adult Hunter Division Championship at the Great Lakes Equestrian Festival, Presented by CaptiveOne Advisors

Traverse City, Mich. – July 23, 2021 – The Adult Amateur hunters took stage Friday afternoon during week three of competition at the Great lakes Equestrian Festival presented by CaptiveOne Advisors. Adults riders came back for day two of the division to vie for the Great Lakes Golf Cars Low Adult Hunter 2’6” division title. Jill Brewer, aboard her mount Cecotto’s Joker, impressed the judges with their consistency to eventually take home the division championship.

Jill Brewer and Cecotto’s Joker

Brewer and Cecotto’s Joker, an 11-year-old Oldenburg gelding owned by First Blue LLC, earned a first and a second over fences on the first day of competition. The pair continued their success into Friday afternoon and laid down two smooth and consistent over fences trips. For their efforts, they were rewarded another first and a second over fences. They also earned a top ribbon in the under saddle class to help them garner the most points and the overall championship title.

The Texas native began riding Cecotto’s Joker just a few months ago and is thrilled with how their partnership is coming along. She feels like she is always learning how to improve her round with him is excited to see what they will accomplish in the future.

Jill Brewer and Cecotto’s Joker

Brewer also rode Pinecone Farm LLC’s Let It Be in the Great Lakes Golf Cars Low Adult Hunter 2’6” Division. Brewer piloted the 12-year-old Zangersheide stallion to a fourth and fifth over fences on Thursday and a second and fourth over fences on day two.

Bitsy Woods and Quinn

Taking home the reserve champion title in the division was Bitsy Woods and her trusty mount, Quinn. The 9-year-old Holsteiner gelding, owned by Laurel A. Schuler, was consistent Thursday and Friday, impressing the judges to receive a first and a second place ribbon. They continued their success on the second day and started out with a win in the under saddle class. The pair then went on to capture another second in the final over fences course of the division for the reserve rosette.

Hunter action will continue on Saturday at the Great Lakes Equestrian Festival, presented by CaptiveOne Advisors with conclusion of the Amateur-Owner Hunter and Junior Hunter division were riders will vie for their respective division championship title.

From the Winner’s Circle

Jill Brewer – Champion of the Great lakes Golf Cars Low Adult Division

On Cecotto’s Joker:
“This is Cecotto’s Joker and I got him in April and he’s wonderful. He takes really great care of me. He just does the hunters, just the low adult hunters and he is wonderful, just perfect.”

On her over fences rounds:
“I’m still getting to know him. He is a very soft horse – he wants me to be very soft, so I am learning just to take a deep breath whenever we go around and to sit back. If I do that then he finds every jump – he’s teaching me a lot. It’s a challenge for me to really take a breath and not get nervous. I thought my second round I was able to do that better and let him be more comfortable and that everything is going to be fine and we’ll find jumps. He has such a big stride that I just need to sit down and let him get through the lines.”

On showing at GLEF
“We love it. This is our ninth season – my children have grown up here. We appreciate everything that the horse show and the Morrisseys are doing to this facility to make it top-notch – it’s perfect, it’s fantastic.”