A Memorable Win for Natalie Jayne in $30,000 Dechra US National Grand Prix

Natalie Jayne’s partnership with Boheme Du Moulin hasn’t been a long one, but it’s been an especially successful one. Out of 13 first rounds together, they still haven’t had a single rail, and the cards fell in their favor Saturday to win the $30,000 Dechra US National Grand Prix.

“I’ve only had this horse for a couple months so I haven’t done many jump-offs with her, but I know she’s really fast,” Jayne, 19, said. “My plan was just to trust her and I know she’s careful so I can take a shot. It worked out today.”

The duo was one of seven to jump clear over the first-round track, going up against seasoned professionals. With a draw about midway through the order, she came back to jump off and set the pace at 40.828 seconds. Only Samuel Parot was able to beat that time, but it came at the expense of a rail down. With Jayne atop the podium, Delaney Flynn captured second place with Windsor Show Stables’ My Lady Carthago, and Ali Wolff took third with North Face Farm’s Nightmare 111.

Natalie Jayne and Boheme Du Moulin in their winning presentation. Photo © Andrew Ryback Photography

A horse sent to Jayne by Hardin Towell to continue to produce, Boheme Du Moulin has been nothing but stellar since their partnership began earlier this summer.

“She’s one of the most careful horses I’ve ever ridden,” Jayne remarked of the 12-year-old Selle Français mare. “She hasn’t had a rail in a first round with me yet and we’ve jumped 13 rounds. She’s just unbelievable. She gives me so much confidence. I know I can take a chance with her and she’s going to help me.”

The win marks Jayne’s first grand prix victory, which is especially meaningful at a property the Illinois native has been attending since the beginning stages of her riding career.

“It feels really good, especially here,” she said of taking the win in Traverse City. “I’ve been showing here forever; this is my favorite show. It’s really fun to finally win one here where I’ve been showing since I was in the walk trot.”

A true lifetime competitor at the Flintfields Horse Park, Jayne has fond memories competing in the various arenas and exploring everything the town has to offer. “I’ve always loved coming here because you can go cherry picking, you can go out on the boat, there is so much to do around here,” she shared. “I’ve always loved the show grounds. I used to pick berries in the woods when I was little. Our whole barn loves coming here. It’s one of our favorite places.”

Back-to-Back Wins for Penny Brennan in USHJA Young Jumper Championships

Penny Brennan and Voila BF. Photo © Andrew Ryback Photography

Voila BF started the day with top call in the USHJA Young Jumper Championships 5-Year-Old Final. The young horse (Baloubet du Rouet x Chacco Blue), owned by Trish McNamara of Banksville Farm and Guillaume Rolland Billecart, jumped three clear rounds over the three days to finish in the top spot, showing ultimate consistency.

“He’s only done four horse shows so he’s very green,” Brennan, of Ocala, FL, said of Voila BF. “He’s a late bloomer, and he’s coming up to 17.2hh at this point. He’s a late 5-year-old; he was born in July. He’s in that gawky stage but he’s turning into a swan.”

Penny Brennan and Voila BF. Photo © Andrew Ryback Photography

Still adding big moments to his resume as he dips his toes into the horse show scene, Voila BF is taking everything in stride. “He did his first 1.20m three weeks ago,” Brennan continued. “He did his first triple [combination] the day before we came to this horse show. The light has turned on. He has so much scope without even feeling him use it. He just grows wings. He doesn’t even bounce, he just takes to the air. I think for sure he’s going to go all the way and I’m praying I get to share him with Guillaume and Trish down the road.”

When asked about her favorite part of developing a horse like this, Brennan replied “His owner! And [the horse] is so kind. He’s got eyes that have this camera lens in them. He’s a little cheeky, but he is just a horse with a huge heart, huge scope, and he’s innocent. He ‘s always looking to please and looking for a cookie. Definitely a superstar in the making.”

In her first appearance at both the USHJA Young Jumper Championships and Traverse City Horse Shows, Brennan and her team are enjoying every minute, beyond just the top ribbons they’re taking home. “The course designers have been amazing. Michael Morrissey is such a class act. The footing is absolutely outstanding and the atmosphere is excellent. Everything about it is fantastic,” she concluded.

Michel T was named reserve champion in the 5-Year-Old Final, owned and ridden by Pablo Barriga.

The U.S. Breeder award for 5-year-olds was presented to Taylor Flury of Aliboo Farm Inc. whose mount S Aliblue F placed third in the overall division.

Penny Brennan and Enchante BF. Photo © Andrew Ryback Photography

Brennan continued her winning ways with Enchante BF in the 6-Year-Old Final, jumping three more clear rounds to be named champion of the category.

When asked how she was feeling following two wins, owner McNamara of Banksville Farm said, “Fantastic! This is a day we’ll never forget.”

The mare (Clarimo x Papillon Rouge) was the quickest of three double-clears Saturday in the final. “She’s unbelievable,” McNamara continued. “She’s a fighter. She never has any faults. The little bit we’ve shown her she’s only had one rail down. She’s clean even riding her in a halter and lead rope! She obviously has jumping talent and she’s a sweetheart of a mare.”

Penny Brennan and Enchante BF. Photo © Andrew Ryback Photography

The horse has limited show experience but a great deal of confidence, boding well for the future as they progress through the levels. “It’s the best win for sure,” McNamara said of the USHJA Young Jumper Championships. “We’ll continue down the path for a 6-year-old. She’ll probably jump pretty big down the road. She’s going to have a long vacation because she deserves it.”

Brennan has worked with McNamara to build a program that works for young horses and still caters to each of their individual needs. “I like to ride them up and down the driveway a lot,” she laughed. “I only jump them once every couple weeks and Trish always comes out and lets me know what she sees, which really helps. We work them pretty much every day. Trish puts them on the walker every morning, and she has beautiful turnout so they’re out for 10 hours a day.”

Reserve championship honors in the 6-year-old category went to Montana, owned by North Star Sport Horse LLC and ridden by Aaron Perrin.

Charlotte Jacobs and Pablo C. Photo © Andrew Ryback Photography

Pablo C, owned by North Star Sport Horse LLC and with Charlotte Jacobs aboard, was named the champion of the 7-year-old category on a completely fault-free slate.

“He’s a beautiful horse to ride,” Jacobs said of Pablo C. “He won the 6-Year-Old Final in Florida, then the 7-Year-Old Final in Florida and now the 7-Year-Old Championship here. So he’s very consistent and I’m really excited for him.”

“They’re extremely important,” Jacobs said of the USHJA Young Jumper Championships. “When you’re producing a horse you want consistency, and this format really rewards that. You have to jump three rounds clear and be the most consistent horse to win. It’s exciting and it’s great that they award the U.S. breeders. It really promotes those horses.”

Charlotte Jacobs and Pablo C. Photo © Andrew Ryback Photography

Jacobs and her family at North Star have a strong breeding operation, and they saw significant results from these championships at various levels. “Bringing along younger horses is really rewarding. When you see a horse go from the paddock as a foal all the way to [the top level]. Whether we keep them for ourselves or sell them it’s great to see them be successful. You have extra love for them seeing them grow up in your backyard.”

Quaralia EVS was named reserve champion, owned by Riffle Hitch and ridden by Ty Simpson.

Roberto Teran and Kamea DV. Photo © Andrew Ryback Photography

Roberto Teran led Kamea DV, owned by Trefoil Farm LLC, to the championship in the 8-Year-Old division following a quick double-clear effort.

“She’s owned by Trefoil Farm and Klee Hellerman,” Teran said of Kamea DV. “We imported her from Poland a couple years ago when she was five, coming six. Klee developed her in California, and I have been riding her for a year and a half. She’s a really fast, careful, competitive horse.”

For Teran, the key components in a young horse are “Great attitude, carefulness, and speed. This day and age with the sport, you need speed.”

Roberto Teran and Kamea DV. Photo © Andrew Ryback Photography

As a top competitor up to the CSI5* level, Teran knows talent when he sees it. He campaigns talented horses across the level, but appreciates the opportunity USHJA gives the young horses to stand out in a crowd of horses in the same life stage.

“They are great the way the horses have a chance to compete against their own age; they’re not competing against more developed horses,” he said of the event. “It’s a great test. They are technical horses at great shows like this one. She’s moving up to do some national grand prixs soon and this is a perfect setup to keep moving up.”

Reserve champion for 8-year-olds was Karlysolde, owned by Dalman Show Jumping, with Sandra Dalman in the irons.

Michael Morrissey Takes One-Two Finish in 1.25m Kevin Babington Benefit Classic, Presented by Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital

One of the all-time favorite classes of the Silver Oak Jumper Tournament, the Kevin Babington Benefit Classic, presented by Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital, welcomed riders back for 1.25m jump-off action, and riders showed up for the cause to support the Kevin Babington Foundation.

The luck of the Irish fell in American Michael Morrissey’s favor as he took the top two spots, aboard Vendome Palordet and Germeta W, respectively.

Michael Morrissey and Vendome Palordet. Photo © Andrew Ryback Photography

“They’re very well qualified horses for this class,” Morrissey said of his two catch rides. “I appreciate Ruth McKee and Gateway Sport Horses for letting me ride them. It’s a lot of fun. Lynn Jayne as a trainer came up with a nice game plan for that jump-off. We felt very confident going into this class and lucky it all worked out for us.”

The class winner, Vendome Palordet, has proven to be a top competitor at the 1.20m level, so Morrissey was thrilled to get the chance to show her in the Turtle Creek Casino & Hotel International Ring on a bigger stage.

“‘Vendi’ has won a handful of classes this season so I felt lucky and looked forward to doing this class,” Morrissey continued. “It’s a really nice, special class. I hope Kevin was watching. We gave it a good run. I really wanted to show off a little and go as fast as I could in the jump-off. It was a lot of fun.”

Michael Morrissey and Callie Schott stood atop the podium in the Kevin Babington Benefit Classic. Photo © Andrew Ryback Photography

Riders really went for the time in the jump-off, which did lead to rails down. Ultimately there were only three double-clears, two of which were Morrissey’s. Callie Schott claimed third with Charlie, owned by Southern Arches, LLC.

“The horse I won on has a very quick stride,” he said of Vendome Palordet, who is 14 this year. “You can be a little faster than any horse just by staying on the inside track. She’s really quick on her feet and doesn’t spend a lot of time in the air. She’s a fast and fun horse to ride.”

As the Silver Oak Jumper Tournament heads into its final day for the 2023 edition, Morrissey and other top riders are grateful for every effort the show puts in to make the event feel special.

“It was done really well today,” he said of the Kevin Babington Benefit Classic. “It felt really important, it was a nice class. It was nice for the horses at this level to jump in this ring with the wall and with all the obstacles. It was great course design.”

Show jumping concludes for the Silver Oak Jumper Tournament Sunday with the $145,100 CSI3* Agero Grand Prix.